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Are you having computer problems?

Has your computer crashed?.

Do you think your hard drive died?

Sometimes you need help to remove a virus, malware, ransomware or any other malicious software that is driving you crazy. I see a lot of hijacked home pages as well as hijacked search pages. I hate pop-ups too.

Maybe you just need help backing up important documents, pictures, emails.

Let me tell you about how inexpensive it is to backup your data compared to spending the time and money to send your hard drive to a data recovery service.

If you have a backup of your documents, pictures, downloads, emails, contacts, music and other important computer data, you will save a lot of money by not spending it on data recovery.


Who Needs this type of service ?

Regular people just like you use this service.

People who have problems with their computer and are tired of it acting up all the time. Whether the problems are pop ups, a virus, blue screen of death, spyware, malware, lost files, lost pictures, lost documents or your computer crashed and you just want your stuff back.

One customer tells it like it is:

"Most people take their messed up computer to the store to be fixed, retrieving it after several days.

That is all great and good, but they have absolutely no idea what has been done to correct the problem, nor how it has been fixed.

You should let people know that they are actually participating, while on the phone with you, in the resolution of the problem.

This way they are learning at the same time. And....because it is done by phone, the customer does not have to physically relinquish their computer to a store. Very important.

No one wants to be without their PC for days on end. With you this is does not occur.

A different computer repair person charged me $100.00 per hour.....and he stayed for eight hours! I was stunned.

Maybe you could somehow let people know that, in no way, do you charge the rate that the computer stores charge. You are fast and reasonable in your hourly rate."

F.W. Vermont  ( Customer for years )

- - - - -

( Very well said F.W. , and thanks for the great experience that you have shared with others on this website. )


I can service businesses and residential customers from any and all 50 states as well as worldwide, just not all at the same moment. ( wink )

YES , This Doctor still makes house calls.

I also can remotely access a computer over internet ( take over your mouse and see your screen to fix your computer problem while you watch ) It is almost better than watching TV for a customer. People enjoy a computer that just works.


Get in touch with The Doctor


This Doctor answers the phone, returns calls and answers emails promptly.

This Doctor makes house calls in Vermont and New Hampshire.