The Story on Data Recovery

Recovering Data:
Can be an emotionally draining experience .. for a Computer Owner and it does not need to be.
Is it really worth it  ... to TRY ... to recover your own data?

You could potentially lose everything if you play around with that hard drive.

Most smart people hire someone who does it for a living.
The odds of recovering data off a damaged hard drive are greater if you do not attempt to do it yourself.
OK People:
    ' Some basic do's and don'ts of Data Recovery responsibilities on YOUR END '
It is as easy as 1 2 3
(1) Remove the hard drive , if possible (Desktop,Tower Models)
     (if you don't know how, get someone to do it for you)
(2) IF it is a LAPTOP , forget step 1
(3) Pack it up and ship it to someone that knows what they are doing.
(1) DO NOT Keep turning the computer on,  over and over again hoping to get lucky
(2) DO NOT Slam the hard drive on the floor, table, wall
(3) DO NOT Put the hard drive in the freezer of 'fridge' to "Raise the heads"
(4) DO NOT let 5 friends "TRY" to recover your data.
(5) DO NOT download every "FREE Recovery software" on the net
 and "TRY" to recover the Data yourself

Bad things happen then people attempt to recover their own data. ( Just saying )
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Actual Customers Weigh in with their thoughts:
"Well it was not so emotionally draining, packaging it up and putting the label on"
Tim M

" lol ok.. no getting lucky here"

Darcy B

"You can bet your ass, I'm not going to try and Recover anything, that is your job!!!!  Im not stupid! LOL"

Janet B
"Not only did he fix my computer but he got the cat to sweep up her own shedded fur and Rinse and Vacuum the couch"
Stuart H
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