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Thank you VERY MUCH for the quick fix on our PC.
I have your phone number to recommend friends !"
WB  ( Vermont )


"Thank you Jesse.  It's been good working with you"
EB ( Vermont )

"I have had several calls from the new content on the web site, they are actually CALLING.
Many Many thanks for your invaluable help and wisdom"
BB ( Vermont )

 Re: ADIR ROM Driver not found Error  (When a USB Pen Drive goes Bad)
You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had my husband help me take the cover off the flash drive, and he held it for dear life. We were able to retrieve the data on my flashdrive one last time so that I could transfer it to my flash drive for work. Thanks for the info about the company---I will hang on to it for future info.  So, thanks for saving my butt!!!
Caitlin "
 Note from the Doctor:
Burning your Husband's fingers is always better than burning your own.
Remember that , Ladies. Good plan Caitlin.
Happy I could help you, Jesse
 Re: ADIR ROM Error  (When a USB Pen Drive goes Bad)
Just wanted to let you know your analysis was correct.  I took the drive apart and there were 2 chips a small one about 3/8 square on top, and a larger one 3/4 on the other side.  One whole side of the larger chip had broken loose from the board about 20 or so pins.  Just for the hell of it I held it down against the board with my thumb and inserted the drive.  It worked.  I was able to get all data from the drive,  at the expense of a burned thumb. Those chips get hot, but i didn't want to let go.  
" Hi Jesse,
I want to thank you again (and again!) for the hours and hours you spent with me about two weeks ago unscrambling my laptop's brain.   I began having problems with AOL soon after, but I remembered something you had showed me .. I am  proud of myself for figuring it out.  Which I wouldn't have done without you.
I ran into Dr Zimmerman a few days ago and I asked him:  "Do you call Jesse when you have computer problems?"  He said, "I don't have computer problems anymore because I call Jesse."
So there you have it.
Hope all is well with you.
Northern New England  "
" Jesse,
I really appreciate the work you are doing for us!!!
We need someone with your drive, determination, and "ass-holedness" to get things done here (on our site).  We couldn't have done it w/o you!!  "
Roy N
 Webmasters Note:
Sometimes you gotta be an "A-Hole" to make things happen for the Customer .. I am Happy to do that .. for any company that needs it .. and appreciates it.
"  Thank you, Jesse,
     For making our computer run faster and smoother than it ever has and for being a patient and professional tech maven. We will tell our friends, family, and colleagues about the services you offer at Hard Drive Doctor. Though I hope the folks we know won't need tech help, it will be good to know they'll always be able to count on you when they do. Thanks again. "
Steph S., Wilmington, DE
 " You're the Man Doc:  
 " Thank-you so much Jesse for saving all my photos and videos from my old pc that crashed. Especially the ones of my late brother that I thought were lost forever. I almost threw the old hard drive away until you called me to send it to you. Thank God I did. Not only did you make me 2 DVD'S with all the data but put it on my new pc remotely. You're the best man !!!
 Robin B     Pittsburgh Pa
 " The site looks great.
I'm pretty picky and can't find anything major.  I'm sure there are a few minor details we will decide to work out over time -- and to add and finesse things!!
The only other thing I've found is the "q" on the top banner is without a tail."
(Webmaster note: tail fixed, changed wording for IE compatibility viewing)
North East Vermont
 The Director of the Squad gives her Review:
" You are my hero!!!!!  I  only had a couple of minutes to nose around...It looks great!  I assume we'll revisit how we can fine tune and make changes ourself....?  You can not imagine how excited I am after soooooo very long. "
Deb B
North East Vermont  
(Webmaster note: DRS wanted to Re-Build their Site for a long time,
then .. they called  Hard Drive Doctor.
Result: ONE Business day after the payment arrived, the Site was built, LIVE, and Running )
 "Thanks for helping out with my latop on short notice"
Mariah C
North East Vermont
 Holly and I think you are awesome. Your expertise with things computer just amazes us. You make our life more bearable with those nefarious, evil machines.
Many thanks."
Oswald R
"Great job .... Never ran faster."
 "SUBJECT: Hard Drive Doctor: Awesome"
 " You performed a miracle again on our computer and saved us many of hours of frustration.
Thank you so much for your endless patience and expertise.
We appreciate your humor in dealing with very stressful technological problems,
(that we we were tired of dealing with).
 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! "
Grover & Muriel
NE Vermont
"Hi Jesse,
Thanks for all your help.
You Saved me a Pile O MONEY.
I am going to STAY with my Old Laptop.
Stay Warm and Happy."
Stuart H
Brooklyn, New York
 ( Thank You Judy ! )
"Jesse is an incredible and amazing man, artist, counselor and best of all friend.   
I have had to call him last minute so many times to unravel my mess or the overloads that come with the intermittent use of my PC  by my very own personal Band in Residence... Toubab Krewe , (THE BAND WEBSITE) when they are in VT.
I need my PC for lengthy billing processes to various state agencies...without it I'm sunk...totally!  Jesse has been putting out the lifeboat here in Cabot for years!
I don't love my computer, but I've come to respect it and I try to follow Jesse's advice. "Keep EVERYONE OFF THIS THING"...recently adjusted to, "Call me when they leave and I'll get the PC into the "Operating Room" as fast as I can."
The magic that Jesse works, either with a remote scan/fix or an onsite visit, has saved me again and again...he is absolutely a genius at his work and a man of amazing soul and integrity."   
Judy P
North East, VT
"AWESOME ... thanks Jesse.. this site has been totally incredible.. you really put your heart into your work.. and it is much appreciated."
Darci B
North East Vermont
"Hi Jesse,
Thanks so much for your help last weekend.
I ordered and received the portable hard drive through Staples.
I will call you for help transferring files ..etc..."
Celia O
Western Vermont
"The Doctor is amazing ! ! !  
 He has fast service and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of hardware and software.
Best of all, he listens to his customers to find out what you want up front.
The Doctor has worked on my computer for virus removal, data backup, hardware installation, software upgrades, etc.
The remote assistance is a powerful tool that is just like a virtual house call.
The Doctor has been my preferred tech support for over four years.
The man is a genius with computers provides outstanding customer service.
I have always been a happy customer."
Dale L
"Well ... the long arm of hd doc did a really good job on my pc ,
Umteen hundred miles away. i am very happy mr J,
 and my pc is happy...  works like a charm .
I will tell my Canadian Friends."
Your Old Buddy,
 B. D.
New Brunswick , Canada   
We just wanted to thank you for your hard work today putting it all together here.
Your a gift!
Our best,
Donna & John M. "
Southern Vermont
Thank you for helping me.
You are so patient nd re-assuring in your service persona.
I never feel lost when needing your help for my computers,
and the various software problems that I encounter from time to time."
Beverly of Manhattan, NYC
"   Jesse,  You are the computer GURU !
You made my nerve racking experience actually enjoyable,
walking me through step by step untill my computer was as good as the day I bought it.
Your kindness and understanding made talking to you easy and pleasent,
not to mention fun.
You came highly recomended to me.
I will continue to pass along your good work to anyone who should need it.
Thanks " Doc "
Robin B     Pittsburgh Pa
 "Whether in the office, at home or across the miles,
The Hard Drive Doctor is there when you need him.
Thanks to you Jesse, I no longer have the inconvenience of taking my computer out to have it serviced when it "acts up".
And you manage this from 700 miles away, You are the Best."
 T in Virginia  
"Jesse, You are the greatest.
You have been there whenever we need you and have solved many problems!!
Thanks and keep up the good work"
  Ned and Marcia M
 Northern Vermont
"The best  and fastest service in the area!
 Always so dependable and accommodating !
Would recommend to anyone!
Thanks so much for all of your great service!
 Robin and Scott L   
Northeast Vermont
 "I wont trust my machines to any one else."
 "Thank you Jesse for your exceptional work.
My computers never ran as well as they have .... after you worked on them.
 In all the years you have been working on them,
You have always provided the best state of the art knowledge
and expertize regardless of which operating system I was using,
or how new  or old the computer you were servicing.  
Thank for taking the time to be the best in the business!!!  Sincerely, Tom"
 Tom H
Northeast Vermont  
 "Jesse you're the best! Can't tell you how appreciative I am of your many rescues"
 Paula B
Central Vermont  
" Once again we thank you for all of the help in the last month.  
Thanks as well for the recent notes:  you are the man on all of this computer work!  
We still have the 1000 questions and we will get them one by one, you poor man!"
  Donna and John M
Southern Vermont  
 "Jesse .. You do wonderful work"
  Darcia B
Northeast Vermont  
"The Hard Drive Doctor is an incredible gift to all of us technologically challenged individuals.
Not only is he expert in his field, but he is very responsive to urgent emails and phone calls.
He works late, he works early and is patient, and willing to explain what's happening.
It is a pleasure to know him and I am delighted to recommend him to everyone I know."
   " Do it. "
   Harriet C
Upper East Side, Manhattan
Day 2 of the site being live,  (    )
Owner Oswald Rivera weighs in with his opinion of his BRAND NEW Web Site:
"My friend, you are a genius .... the website is great .... I LOVE IT ! .... I think it is fantastic."
  Oswald Rivera  
Upper East Side, Manhattan  




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